Appreciation–Doctor’s Day

Yesterday my office celebrated Doctor’s Day. The staff had been mysteriously cooking something up for the last three weeks so it was not a complete surprise, but what a great job they did. The hospital’s theme for the day was “Our Docs Rock” so my staff chose a 50’s motif. As I walked into my office there was a “vinyl record” suspended in the doorway with my picture and name on it. Walking down the hallway to the patient rooms, there were smaller “45” records hanging from the ceiling. Our receptionist had cleverly made poodle skirts from black tablecloths for all the front staff. They had hooked up someone’s iPod and played a 50’s playlist all day long.

Two other women practice with me, Dr. Kurowski and Dr. Irvin. Starting with a sparsely filled vase, each patient handed us a flower throughout the day until our vases were beautifully overflowing. One patient joked that he came to the doctor for allergy treatment and the first thing they handed him was a plant! He also told the staff that he felt like Henry Gibson, but the reference was lost on them. Too young! But the two of us shared a laugh and a memory. Every patient seemed genuinely happy to participate in the festivities. Assuming you like her, how often do you get to hand your doctor a flower and say thanks?

At lunch time the scheduled pharmaceutical rep didn’t show so my office manager went out and bought White Castles. Luckily I had my gallbladder out last September so I enjoyed all six of those sliders, along with a cream soda float. The drink was something I haven’t eaten since I was a teenager. (OK, maybe once or twice with my kids but not often). Then the doctors were presented with “platters” celebrating our years of practice. 
After lunch we all trooped to the waiting room where the Lab Corp phlebotomist was pressed into service and kindly took our pictures. I am the proud doctor in the middle. 

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