Blood Pressure Control

Yesterday a patient presented to my office requesting to be put back on her blood pressure medications. This is a rather unusual request, most patients are trying to stay or get off their medications. However she had been tracking her blood pressures since she stopped medication about six months previously. She was consistently running “bottom number” or diastolic pressures in the high 80’s or low 90’s. Fortunately she realized this was too high over time and came in to get hee prescription refilled.

There are good studies indicating that individuals who check their BPs routinely have better control[1]. I encourage my patients to have their own cuffs to check their pressures both at home and at work. They can bring their cuff to our office and calibrate it to make sure it is accurate. Then they can bring their “numbers” with them when they come in for appointments or just send them to me through the patient portal on, letting me know when they do so.

Together we can keep you healthy!

  1. Agarwal R, et sl. Role of home blood pressure monitoring in overcoming therapeutic inertia and improving hypertension control: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Hypertension 2011;57:29–38.
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