New Year Thoughts


Today, as my desk was moved to a new location more conducive to working, I reflected on 2013. It was one of the busiest, most productive years of my life. There were engaging, talented, passionate people in medicine both on-line and IRL (in real life) that entered my life. Traveling to new places, new friends were made. I worked hard to help my system implement and improve a new EHR (Electronic Health Record). There were about 40 new blog posts written, though not nearly as many as I intended. This new website was created by a talented webmaster. Returning to meditation after a many years absence was fruitful. Omnifocus and Evernote became indispensable productivity tools in my life. I also gained ten pounds, reduced my exercise schedule, finished only a handful of books and struggled to deal with my aging mother.

As I look to 2014 with the wisdom of this past year, I resolve to be more mindful and less busy, putting people and relationships before the rush of goal-setting.  Last year often consisted of feeling pressured and incapable; a “biting of more than you can chew” mindset. There were a tremendous number of things learned and accomplished but at a loss. The best news? I’m still young enough to learn. Hopefully that won’t change. But the pace was uncomfortable and took away from the joy of the experience.

Here’s to a slower, more healthful 2014.

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One thought on “New Year Thoughts

  1. Dr.Kathy Nieder,I like to said I believe your one great DOCTOR for all you achieved,gaining ten pounds you will take off in know time with your energy,as for your Mother everyone in they right mind would do whatever it took to help her out,you have many years a head of you & you do not seem to be the type of Doctor that would just let them pass,for your far to wise to ever do something like that!I wish you only the Best,I also have to thank INSPIRE for letting us know their is a Doctor that cares!Keep up your good work,we are all behind you! God Bless! Sandyann

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