Social Media and … mental health.

First of all–this blog has nothing to do with healthcare, other than my own mental health. This afternoon was a small demonstration of what an powerful tool social media can be. My husband was visiting our neighbor down the street for a play date for our airedale, Ensign.  The yard is large and somehow he found a way under the fence into the nature preserve behind. Tim called but Ensign had disappeared. While one friend combed the bushes in gloves and boots, four more of us looked through the neighborhood, knocking on doors and feeling frightened because we live in a VERY urban neighborhood full of heavy cars. Four hours later night fell and we had to give up the search. Nauseated and exhausted I texted a friend regarding our loss.

She suggested that I post the disappearance on Facebook. Not very hopeful, but needing something to do, I wrote a description of the dog, where he was last seen and included a picture. Within twenty-three minutes the following post appeared:

  • Whitney I know who has him!

  • Kathy Nieder You’re kidding?

  • Whitney No I’m not!

  • Whitney I’m waiting for him to give me his number so I can give it to you but he just posted that there was an Airedale terrier in his back yard and he lives in Clifton….

  • Ashley Lynn OMG I HOPE ITS HIM!

  • Barry I HOPE SO AS WELL…

  • Leigh US TOO!

  • Kathy Nieder IT’S HIM!!!!!

Our graphic artist friend Barry, who had been one of the four people combing the neighborhood, made up a poster and was on the way out the door to print several and hang them up when I called him with the news. So here is his post on my timeline:

Ensign had no idea what the fuss was about but my husband and I were ecstatic. As a bonus, I got to sleep last night, soundly and well.

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