To Blog or not to Blog

In my Evernote pages I have lots of memos about what my next blog should be about–obesity, lowering the risk of breast cancer, behavioral causes of disease, America’s healthcare system, goal-oriented healthcare, and others. All great topics just none of them interesting enough to me on this gray, rainy March day. I need something with a little more VAVOOM. Something to wake me up and make me feel the sun is out. Nothing is really coming to mind. So maybe I need a mental health day (some of you may think I need a mental health month). Or why blog at all? Why not just skip today?


In order to keep the rhythm of my blogging (or exercise, or reading), I’ve got to be consistent and develop the habit. Like walking, I enjoy blogging but suspect if I omit working on it for more than a day or two, that time will quickly be taken by any number of other activities I enjoy–studying Spanish, studying French, scanning the web, doing a CME (Continuing Medical Education), etc. etc. I do have a new app that is helping me with some of the habits I’d like to develop–like doing a series of lunges several times a week, not eating after 8 pm, keeping a food journal. My walking habit is strengthened by having two different walking partners so it forces me to be accountable.

Today’s blog illustrates something I used to say to my children when they were young, “you have a good problem.” A good problem was defined as a decision that had to be made between two positive choices–field hockey or drama classes? Beloit College or Case Western? Blogging or Spanish study? No estoy estudiando espagnol hoy.

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