Kathy A Nieder MD

google_glassA Family Practice physician since 1984, Dr. Nieder has watched the evolution (and devolution) of Health “care” over the years. She decided to add her voice to the discussion by making observations of the practice of medicine today, a time when the negatives often seem to outweigh the positives as patients and doctors become increasingly disenfranchised by the fragmentation of medical care. All views are solely my own.

Kathy has been fascinated by “tech” since she bought her first Apple computer for the family in 1987. She is interested in Social Media in healthcare as well as smartphone apps and their impact on patient care, especially in primary care.
She is an employed physician in Louisville, KY. She enjoys partnering with her patients and believes patients who are well-informed and take an active role in their own well-being make for healthier, more satisfied people who make better lifestyle choices.

As a “primary care doc”, Dr. Nieder advocates for PHYSICIAN led teams that embrace patients in not only the chronic illness setting but in preventive programs as well.


Member American Academy of Family Medicine
Greater Louisville Medical Society
Kentucky Academy of Family Medicine
Kentucky Medical Association
Society for Participatory Medicine